What do we do with the fish in the winter?
Once the waterfalls are shut down, a heater and aerator are installed to provide for gas exchange for the fish as they lie in a dormant state over the winter.
How much maintenance is involved?

An Ecosystem is very easy to maintain. The only lawn care maintenance involves a yearly spring clean out, and bi-weekly bacteria applications. Other than that you can sit and enjoy your self-sufficient pond.

Where should the pond be located?
The pond should be installed in a location where it can be enjoyed and viewed from several locations in the yard. You want your pond easily accessible and visually pleasing, ideally adjacent to a frequently used sitting area.
How much does a pond cost?
The cost of your pond depends mainly on size and complexity of the build. The average size pond is about the cost of a hot tub.
Do you need a lot of sun?
That depends on what kind of plants you would like in your pond. As for the fish, they like areas that are hidden from sun and predators.
How long does the average pond take to build?
An 11' x 16' pond can be built and be up and running in one to two days.
What kind of fish can I put in the pond?
There are several kinds of fish that can put in the pond, such as Koi, Comet, Fancy Gold Fish, Shubunkins, as well as snails, frogs and turtles.
Do we need to use a UV light sterilizer?
NO. We create a complete Ecosystem, which is friendly to pets and children.
Why use rocks and gravel on the bottom of the pond?
It makes the pond look more natural and helps create the ecosystem.
What is a Pondless Waterfall?

A pondless waterfall can be a waterfall or a waterfall with a stream running into a pit of a rock. Fountains and retaining ponds can be added for effect.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to a pondless?
The benefits to a pondless are that they can be used in commercial installations without the risk of injuries to customers, or in homes with families who have small children, where you would typically feel uncomfortable having a pool or pond in the yard. Another benefit is it is virtually no maintenance. The drawback would be the lack of fish and water lilies in your feature.