Earth & Water, a Rhode Island Landscape Design Company, previously known as D&J Landscaping Company, was started in 1978 by Joe Mack, a local landscaper, as a landscape maintenance business. Joe started with only a pickup truck, one lawn mower and the help of family and friends. Since then, his love for the outdoors and beautiful landscapes has turned into something more. Now, he has become a highly respected entrepreneur in the green industry.

In 1988, after attending numerous conferences and seminars, Joe embarked on a new journey beginning with his first pond build. He learned the hard way that the best way to build is to “work with mother nature, not against her”. Finding that there was an overwhelming demand for ponds and waterfalls, Joe decided to expand his business to include his new passion for landscape design and thus changed the name of his business to Earth & Water. To this day, Joe still finds himself excited for each day of work. Why? Because each day and each project is different and unique while delivering beauty and serenity to each of his customers. The way he incorporates water garden ideas, garden ponds, and water garden plants helps make his business a complete success.

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